Thank you for being a part of our Sunday, October 20th teams.

Newmarket Campus (Barrie Campus below)

  • Greeting: Catherine/Innocent & Spiers

  • Worship: Kayla on projector and Mike Kalk on sound

  • Pray over tithes: Tim

  • Count tithes: David B.

  • Announcements: Rebecca

  • Cafe: Cindy Burkholder (coffee only)

  • Nursery/Toddlers: Polly/Sam & Jordan

  • Jk - Grade 1: Alyssa/Curtis

  • Grades 2-5: Rebecca/Cheyenne

Barrie Campus

Just like each part of our natural body was designed and equipped by God to perform a specific function, so are we as members of the Body of Christ. If you believe God has placed you at Alive Church we encourage you to look for a team yo can see with.

Whether it is greeting people as they enter our building, teaching children to love God’s Word, or serving on the cafe team, you will find there is nothing as rewarding as using your God-given gifts to serve others.

Please send an email to if you would like to serve within one of our teams. Welcome to the family.